Topic: Parenting
The Baby Depot Gets a Store Front!
The Baby Depot has opened up a new boutique store in downtown Hamilton. The store is now available to the many families they assist with baby clothing and items.
Called to Adoption / DAN AND JOY LONEY
Dan and Joy Loney had 5 children together but years later after her oldest daughter was engaged, Joy started to feel like she needed something different in her life.
Rhonda Stoppe Answers YOUR Questions
Rhonda Stoppe answers your questions about raising sons to be the men they were created to be!
Raising Sons to be Men / RHONDA STOPPE
Rhonda Stoppe is here to share advice on how to raise the boys we love into men.
Ed Sanchuk, Acting Sergeant for the Ontario Provincial Police and Eunji Lee, Senior Marketing Manager at Axis, join Mark and Lara to discuss how we can keep our children safe online.
Tips for home schooling parents / HOT TOPIC
Lara talks about some ideas on how to cope for parents at home doing online learning with their children.
Community Prayers - Schools / LARA WATSON
Our hosts have made it a priority to get out into the community and pray for people affected by COVID-19. Today Lara shares a prayer for those who serve in schools, students and parents.
100 Ways to Love Your Son & Daughter / MATT & LISA JACOBSON
Matt and Lisa Jacobson join us to share from their books "100 Ways to Love Your Son" and "100 Ways to Love Your Daughter."
Parenting Through COVID-19 / KARMYN BOKMA
Karmyn Bokma joins Greg Musselman to speak about COVID-19 and parenting.
Keeping Your Children Occupied During a Pandemic / Chantal Dube
Chantal Dube is known as Toronto's most elegant harpist and has been performing at special events for over 23 years. Chantal is also a Homeschooling Mom who will share some practical tips on how to keep your kids occupied during this pandemic.
30 Years in the Music Industry / BRIAN DOERKSEN
Cheryl Weber chats with Brian Doerksen who reflects on 30 years of working in the music industry, his faith and personal life.
David Eaton of Axis, joins Maggie John via Skype to chat about some of the features of popular online multi-player game "Roblox" that are concerning parents.
Technology and Us / MEN'S PANEL
Greg Musselman hosts youth expert, Jonathan McKee, HGTV'S Paul LaFrance and E3'S Brody Haight to talk about raising children in a digital age.
Is There a Difference Between Raising Girls VS. Boys? / MEN'S PANEL
Is there a difference between raising girls vs. boys? Our men's panel discusses.
Calming Angry Kids / TRICIA GOYER
Author and Blogger, Tricia Goyer joins Maggie John to share wisdom from her book "Calming Angry Kids."
Maggie John chats with our Culture Translator, David Eaton of
Maggie John and Greg Musselman share some fun Mother's Day memories from over the years.
He’s Almost A Teenager / HEATHER LARSON
Greg Musselman speaks with author Heather Larson about her book, He's Almost a Teenager.
Planet Middle School / Your Words Make a Difference
Dr. Kevin Leman shares his book "Planet Middle School" in which he delves into time-tested principles that will aid parents in helping their middle schooler not only survive but thrive during these turbulent years in Middle school.
Holding on to God's Promises / LACEY & CHRIS BUCHANAN
Lacey Buchanan is the author of the book "Through the Eyes of Hope." Today Lacey and her husband Chris Buchanan join Maggie John in the studio to share their incredible story of trusting God in the face of adversity.
Faith Through Daughter's Drug Addiction / JUDY TOMCZAK
Judy Tomczak joins Cheryl Weber to share her faith journey through her daughter's battle with addiction.
Helicopter Parenting / ARLENE MUSSELMAN & DR. MERRY C. LIN
Greg & Arlene Musselman chat with Dr. Merry C. Lin about helicopter parenting.
The Best Things About Back to School / GREG THE QUIRKY CAMERA GUY
Greg the Quirky Camera Guy takes to the streets to ask parents: what's the best thing about kids heading back to school?
5 Tips for Summer Reading with Kids
Can't get your kid to pick up a book in the summer months? Check out five great tips to unleash your kids' inner bookworms this summer!
How to be a Fantastic Parent / HOT TOPIC
Maggie John and and Greg Musselman sit down to discuss the article 50 Ways to be a Fantastic Parent.
Father's Day Weekend
With Father's Day quickly approaching, Greg Musselman & Lorna Dueck chat about some of the challenges & rewards of being a father.
If I Had a Parenting Do-Over / JONATHAN MCKEE
Maggie chats with Jonathan McKee about his book "If I Had a Parenting Do-Over."
Juno Nominee Jaylene Johnson Talks Music, Faith & Personal Struggle
Jaylene Johnson joins Kevin Pauls in the studio to discuss her album "Potter & Clay" which was nominated for a Juno in the Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album of the Year category.
The X Plan Gives Teens a Way Out
Maggie John and Cheryl Weber discuss the "X Plan" which gives teens a way out of uncomfortable or potentially dangerous situations via a simple text message.
Baby Boxes Lower Infant Mortality Rate
Maggie John & Greg Musselman speak about the benefit of a product called the "baby box" which acts as a bed for babies, keeping them safer and in a more secure position while they sleep.
The Cost of Raising Kids in Canada
Maggie John & Todd Cantelon discuss the high cost of raising kids in Canada.
Providing Respite for Parents / DEBBIE SUTHERLAND & SHELLEY NEAL
Mike Sherbino sits down for an interview with Debbie Sutherland & Shelley Neal who are the founders of the rEcess Respite Program.
Facing the Premature Birth of Four Children
Rob Ennema is a Crossroads Partner Representative. He and his wife Karen share their journey through facing the premature births of all four of their children and the importance of family & church family.
Shelly Calcagno shares a back to school blessing for your kids!
Your Teenager is Not Crazy / Jeramy & Jerusha Clark
Jeramy and Jerusha Clark speak about the book that they wrote together titled "Your Teenager is Not Crazy."
Mommy Needs a Raise / SARAH PARSHALL PERRY
Sarah Parshall Perry speaks with Moira Brown about her struggles as a parent, outlined in her book "Mommy Needs a Raise."
Back to School Tips / DR. ANDREW L. BLACKWOOD
Dr. Andrew L. Blackwood offers tips for parents and students heading back to school in the fall.
Forming Resilient Kids
Dr. Wayne Hammond is Co-CEO and CSO of Meritcore, an organization whose mission is to understand what is possible and build on what is already strong by providing training, assessing, consultation, treatment-based engagement and evaluation protocols
Bless Your Kids this New School Year
It is a great idea to bless your kids as they head into a new school year. Shelly Calcagno shares some great ideas.
Hettie Brittz discusses her book "UnNatural Mom" and explains the difficulty she experienced as a new mother.