Topic: Pain & Suffering
Greg Musselman joins us to share a message about the purpose in our suffering.
Roberta Fiddler's Story / FIRST PEOPLES VOICES
Roberta shares her story of growing up in a big family in Waterhen Lake First Nation. She would envy those who died, she grew up in a home with a lot of alcoholism and domestic abuse. She started drinking and became violent.
Losing a Loved One to Racial Hatred / CHRIS SINGLETON
Chris Singleton is a former professional athlete drafted by the Chicago Cubs in 2017. Following the loss of his mother in a racially motivated mass shooting, Chris has now become an inspirational speaker and best-selling author who has shared his me
Life Stories: Travis Olafsen
Story of Travis Olafsen who is telling his story publically for the first time. Travis grew up in a great home, was very outgoing with lots of dreams for his life. At 18 in his first year of university, those dreams seemed to end when one night he wa
Offering Hope Where it's Needed Most / MARCEL KNOT
Marcel Knot battled with anxiety and depression and planned to end his life at 17. But something astonishing happened just as he reached the point of no return.
Walking After Years in a Wheelchair with MS / MARK DAVIS PICKUP
Mark Davis Pickup shares his powerful and heartfelt story about his journey with Multiple Sclerosis.
You Are Not Your Past / SHEILA WALSH
Sheila Walsh shares about making peace with our past so we can move forward.
As a young child Belma lived through the brutal and terrifying events that accompanied the end of World War II and the sudden erection of the Berlin Wall, when East was separated from West and families were ripped apart.
Waymaker - Sacred / ANN VOSKAMP
In her new book, Waymaker: Finding your Way to the life you've always Dreamed, Ann Voskamp reminds us that God has not only planned each moment of our journey but that He travels each step by our side!
Your Past Doesn't Define Your Future / Joshua Broome
Joshua Broome was one of the most popular adult film stars, however he felt a hole that nothing could fill until one day a small act changed his whole future.
When Jonathan Pitts took his wife of 15 years Wynter into his arms for their anniversary dance, he had no idea that within a month he would be on a completely different journey, navigating life after Wynter's sudden death at the age of 38. Also shari
The Problem of Evil & Suffering / MARK CLARK
Pastor & Author, Mark Clark joins us all this week to share some teaching points from his book "The Problem of God." Today he speaks about the "problem of evil and suffering."
God Never Left During Great Loss / ZELDA DUURSEMA
We will all face tragedies and loss at some point in our lives. How do we find a way through the pain and anguish? Zelda Duursema shares her heartbreaking story and how she found hope and a way forward.
Safe Home for Women Exiting Trafficking / MAGGIE BARATTO
The story of (BATH) Beauty for Ashes Transformation House - helping women out of the sex trade.
Redeeming Love / FRANCINE RIVERS
Francine Rivers is the International Best Selling Author of "Redeeming Love". It has now become a motion picture. Francine chats with Cheryl Weber.
Obedience to God, Even in a Dangerous Situation / CHRIS AND LESLIE ROLLING
Chris and Leslie Rolling run are partners on the ground in Haiti and run "Clean Water for Haiti". Most of the water sources available to people in Haiti are contaminated, and because of poor infrastructure Haitian families have no choice but to use t
Remembering Jay Weaver / BIG DADDY WEAVE
Jay Weaver has passed away after complications from Covid-19. Today we share memories of him and the impact their music had on many. We also share a special memory from musician Zach Williams.
Hearing the Voice of God / DAN LONEY
Dan Loneywas raised in a Christan home but after his father died in a tragic airplane accident his life took a turn. Dan fell in with a bad crowd and ended up living in a biker house surrounded by bad activity. His life had led him so far from God bu
A Restoration Story / LINDSAY SLOCUM
Last year, on Christmas Day 2020, Lindsay shared her touching story which combined a journey with cancer and a home restoration project, and through both God taught and revealed so much to her heart.
God Healed His Heart After a Tragic Loss / KEN MICHELL
Ken shares the meaningful ways God tenderly expressed His love and care, both in 1997 and through to today. His story is one of gratitude to God for His healing and hope - much of which came through God speaking to Ken's heart through the avenue of t
A real life angel story!
Making Christmas Meaningful After Loss / DR. BILL WEBSTER
Dr. Bill Webster through his years as a grief counsellor, knows that Christmas is often called "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year." But for those who have experienced a significant loss, Christmas can actually be a very difficult time. Dr. Bill Web
Can We Live Life Fully? Even During Grief? / NANCY HICKS
Nancy Hicks shares about the loss of her son David, who died in May 2021 after a courageous battle with cancer. She hopes to bring encouragement and hope to those who are also grieving precious loved ones, especially during the Christmas holidays.
British Columbia Update
Cheryl Weber shares an update on the situation in British Columbia as the rain keeps coming, and how Crossroads continues to send support to help on the ground.
You Were Made For This Moment / MAX LUCADO
Max Lucado shares his book, "You Were Made for This Moment: Courage for Today and Hope for Tomorrow" and how this book came out of a sermon he was asked to write as the world was heading into the pandemic.
Samaritan's Purse - On The Ground in BC / TAMMY SUITOR
Tammy Suitor is the Canadian Disaster Response Manager for Samaritans Purse. Today she joins us to share what is happening on the ground in BC as more storms are coming.
Continuing to Pray for British Columbia / CHERYL WEBER & MARK MASRI
We are continuing to lift up British Columbia in prayer as they face more storms. We are joining together with you to help on the ground!
The Impact of the British Columbia Floods / ANDY HARRINGTON
Andy Harrington is the Executive Director of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, he shares about the impact of the flooding. Andy is currently helping to coordinate disaster response in this area.
BC Floods - Lytton First Nation / FIRST PEOPLES VOICES
For those of us who do not live in British Columbia, this is a small glimpse into what is happening right now with the floods. The focus of this story is on Lytton First Nation. On June 30 the community was ravaged by the fires. Now, they are battlin
Samaritans Purse on the Ground in British Columbia / TAMMY SUITOR
Tammy Suitor is the Canadian Disaster Response Manager for Samaritans Purse. Today she joins us to share what they are doing on the ground in British Columbia in the aftermath of the flooding that has happened there.
Trapped in the BC Flooding / ALLISON MCCONNELL
Allison McConnell has lost everything as a result of the flooding in British Columbia. She, her husband, and 4 year old son were rescued from the window of their motor home by a search and rescue boat. Allison shares her experience with Cheryl Weber.
Faith in Action after British Columbia Flood / PASTOR KYLE NICHOLS
Pastor Kyle Nichols is Lead Pastor at Princeton Baptist Church in Princeton, British Columbia. Princeton Baptist runs the only foodbank in their town, and also a firewood ministry. Princeton has been overwhelmed with need after the flooding as well
From Brokenness to the Olympic Games / AKEEM HAYNES
Former Canadian Olympic athlete, Akeem Haynes has a burning desire to help people persevere past their toughest times. By helping you develop resiliency strategies that will allow you to breakthrough mental barriers which will lead you to your breakt
Mental Health Moment – Are You Running On Empty / DEBRA FILETA
Debra Fileta discusses how we need to ask ourselves if we are on the verge of burn out.
Remembering Indigenous Veterans - The Story of Sanford Stinson
Over 12,000 Indigenous people fought in WW1, WW2 and the Korean War. According to the Indian Act they were deemed 'non-entities' meaning they had no land. Therefore they were not PAID to go to war, yet they went to fight for their families, communi
Half a Heart Leads to Healing Hearts Through Music / PAUL CARDALL
It's a miracle that GMA Dove Award winning artist Paul Cardall is alive. Yet the gifts of music that he brings us add up to something even greater. His story is in fact a testament to the human spirit, to determination and humility, and above all to
Pandemic and Drought Impact on Mully Children's Family
Pandemic and Drought Impact on Mully Children's Family
Mental Health Moment – Have You Dealt with 2020 / DEBRA FILETA
Debra Fileta discusses the importance of stopping and realizing how 2020 has impacted us and our mental health so that we can process the trauma and heal from it.
So Long, Normal / LAURA STORY
What do we do when life throws us a curve ball, and we lose all sense of normalcy? When our world feels shaken and out of control. Is there a way forward through adverse events, and unmet expectations, that can lead us to our best days yet? Laura Sto
Special School for Orphans in the Ukraine
Recent statistics show that over 100,000 children in Ukraine are orphaned or abandoned to state care. The reality for many of these kids living in orphanages can be bleak. So when students from a loca