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COVID-19: Reflecting on the Pandemic 2 Years Later
Mark Masri and Cheryl Weber reflect on the past two years as we've navigated the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe.
BC Floods - Lytton First Nation / FIRST PEOPLES VOICES
For those of us who do not live in British Columbia, this is a small glimpse into what is happening right now with the floods. The focus of this story is on Lytton First Nation. On June 30 the community was ravaged by the fires. Now, they are battlin
Dolphins Save a Swimmers Life
Mark and Lara share an amazing story of how a group of dolphins saved a man in distress.
Surviving the World Trade Center Attacks / LESLIE HASKIN
Leslie Haskin is a survivor of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.
Crossroads Cares for Haiti / HAITI RELIEF EFFORTS
On Sunday August 14, 2021, Haiti experienced a 7.2 magnitude earthquake 150 kms south-east of Port au Prince. There are now over 2000 deaths and many more injured. Thousands of homes, churches, schools and hospitals have been damaged or destroyed. H
Haiti Earthquake Relief
On Sunday August 14, 2021, Haiti experienced a 7.2 magnitude earthquake 150 kms south-east of Port au Prince. As of Monday morning, over 1,200 deaths have been reported and more than 5,700 people injured.
Israeli Kindergarten Teacher Donated Kidney to Someone in Need / HOT TOPIC
Mark Masri and Lara Watson share an inspiring and heartwarming story about an Israeli Kindergarten Teacher who wanted to do something meaningful for her 50th birthday, which dramatically impacted someone in need.
Halton Inspire Hope Campaign / HOT TOPIC
Mark Masri and Lara Watson share about an uplifting initiative in the Halton region of Ontario.
Father Lands His Dream Job at Costco After His Daughter's Tweets Go Viral
Mark Masri and Lara Watson share an uplifting story about the power of social media.
Homeless Man Reunited With Family After 20 Years
Cheryl Weber and Mark Masri share a heartwarming news story about a homeless man who was reunited with his family after 20 years.
Fridays are GOOD for Your Health!
Cheryl Weber and Mark Masri talk about some fascinating research about the health benefits attached to Fridays.
Holocaust Survivor Continues Teaching Piano Throughout COVID-19 Pandemic
Mark Masri and Cheryl Weber share a story about a 92 year old Holocaust survivor, Dr. Cornelia Vertenstein, who has been teaching piano for 50 years and refused to quit in the face of the pandemic.
Fishing Dispute in N.S. / DR H. DANIEL (DANNY) ZACHARIAS
Crystal Lavallee is joined by Dr H. Daniel (Danny) Zacharias to discuss the fishing dispute between commercial fisherman and the Mi'kmaq in Nova Scotia.
Nova Scotia Mass Shootings | Impact on the Community with Pastor Hudson Trenholm
Cheryl Weber speaks with Pastor Hudson Trenholm about the mass shooting in Nova Scotia and the impact on the community; how he hopes to shine hope into his community during this tragic time and how we can stand with them in prayer.
Prayer for Nova Scotia
Our hosts, Greg Musselman, Cheryl Weber, Lara Watson and Mark Masri join in prayer for Nova Scotia.
God is Still Good | Paula Weatherbee
Paula owns a daycare in Masstown which is adjacent to all of the cities impacted by the April 2020 Nova Scotia Shooting.
Coping with Tragedy in the Midst of COVID-19 | Father Simon Lobo
Father Simon Lobo joins Cheryl Weber to speak into the tragedy in Nova Scotia that left the nation reeling after being deemed the deadliest mass shooting in Canadian history.
The New 5 Dollar Bill!
Cheryl Weber, Greg Musselman and Christina Laurice talk about the potential faces that could end up on the latest $5 bill!
News of an active shooter arrives as virtual church meeting starts streaming in N.S.
Dr. Steve McEvoy was about to host a live stream church service when he learned of a nearby active shooter. The service quickly pivoted to an intense prayer meeting as police responded to what would become Canada's deadliest mass shooting.
Prayers for Nova Scotia Shooting Victims, Families
Cheryl Weber leads us in praying for Nova Scotia. A small rural Nova Scotia community is coming to grips with a 12-hour shooting spree that killed at least 17 people, the deadliest mass shooting in Canadian history.
Working on the Front Lines During COVID-19 Pandemic
Jackie Nugent joins Cheryl Weber to speak about working on the front lines in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Police Response to COVID-19
Ray Wong joins Mark Masri to speak about the Police response during this pandemic.
Spiritually Processing COVID-19
Our hosts Greg Musselman and Cheryl Weber catch up via Zoom in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.
CHERYL WEBER BLOG: "The World is Shifting"
Cheryl Weber shares a blog post about how we're seeing the world shifting in the midst of COVID-19.
What the World Needs Most / MICHAEL "PINBALL" CLEMONS
Michael "Pinball" Clemons joins Mark Masri to talk about what the world needs most in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.
COVID-19 Out West
Greg Musselman joins Cheryl Weber via Skype to weigh in about the COVID-19 pandemic and how it's affecting Western Canada.
Boy Sees Colour for the First Time
Maggie John, Greg Musselman and Cheryl Weber share a viral story about a boy who was able to see colour for the first time.
Wife Rescues Husband from Volcano / ACAIMIE & CLAY CHASTAIN
Maggie John is joined by Acaimie & Clay Chastain who share their story of how Acaimie rescued Clay after he fell into a volcano on their honeymoon.
Canadian Mom Saves Son from Cougar Attack / CHELSEA LOCKHART
Greg Musselman chats with Chelsea Lockhart via Skype, a Canadian Mom who saved her son from a cougar attack.
Easter Morning Bombings in Sri Lanka / RACHEL MORK
Cheryl Weber is joined by Rachel Mork via FaceTime to speak about the bombings that occurred early Easter morning in Sri Lanka.
123rd Boston Marathon Last Week!
Maggie John and Cheryl Weber share some highlights from the 123rd Boston Marathon which took place last week.
100 Huntley Street to Celebrate Return of Rev. Lim with Special Coverage Monday, August 14th
A Canadian pastor imprisoned in North Korea under a life sentence of hard labour has finally been released and he landed back in Canada on Saturday morning. Catch a special 100 Huntley Street program covered by Cheryl Weber and Lorna Dueck!
British Columbia Battles Wildfires
Join us in praying for safety for BC residents affected by wildfires and praying for rain.
Don't Be Fooled By Fake News / HOT TOPIC
Cheryl Weber & Mike Sherbino talk about the fake news phenomenon.
Is the Stage Set for the End of the World?
The Stage Is Set carefully illuminates the signs of the times that point toward Christ's glorious appearing and millennial reign, answering questions you have about the identity of the antichrist, the future of Israel, the location of Armageddon, and
Facebook Controls Fake News / HOT TOPIC
Cheryl Weber & Magdalene John speak about the fake news phenomenon and how Facebook is trying to regulate it.
Crossroads Announces Lorna Dueck as New CEO
The Board of Directors for Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. (Crossroads) is pleased to announce the appointment of Lorna Dueck as Chief Executive Officer of Crossroads and YES TV effective July 11th, 2016. Lorna previously launched the Canad
Big Daddy Weave's Jason Weaver Undergoes Bilateral Foot Amputations As He Fights Serious Infection
Big Daddy Weave frontman Mike Weaver shared difficult news that his little brother is battling a serious infection. Jay, who plays bass for the band and contributes vocally, has required amputation of both feet over the last three days as doctors try
Paul Baloche Responds to Recent Events in Paris with Free Album Download
As I was driving to the airport on a rainy Seattle day, I received a text message from my daughter who is studying in Paris. It simply said "I'm in my apartment and I'm okay". Last year, my daughter moved to Paris to study French.
Rev Robert H. Schuller, Crystal Cathedral and 'Hour of Power' Founder, Has Died
Just hours after his former church congregation issued a call for prayer for his health, family members of the influential Rev. Robert H. Schuller has announced his death at the age of 88.