Topic: Missions / Outreach
Barlonyo Feeding Program 2022
In Barlonyo, Northern Uganda, Crossroads Cares invests in this incredible program that provides meals for school children who would otherwise be facing food scarcity. Take a look at your generous giving in action!
Crossroads Cares Clean Water Project in Uganda
More than 780 million people do not have access to food and clean water and more than 870 million people worldwide experience extreme hunger. Cheryl Weber visited Uganda to witness your amazing donations in action.
The Baby Depot Gets a Store Front!
The Baby Depot has opened up a new boutique store in downtown Hamilton. The store is now available to the many families they assist with baby clothing and items.
Youth for Christ Pivots in Times of Change
A story of how Covid-19 shutdowns have forced YFC Winnipeg to pivot and change two of their key outreach programs (Young Parents and Rig Program) and how their team creatively adapted to the needs of their participants.
Empowering Change in Guatemala / Young Girls Empowerment
Cinthya through Convoy of Hope's Girls Empowerment program has learned many skills that are helping her family and will help her into the future.
Empowering Change in Guatemala / Convoy of Hope's Kevin Rose
Kevin Rose shares their mission and mindset for girls and women in Guatemala.
Peace of the City / TERENCE SCHILSTRA
Terence Schilstra is a missional community leader at The Table, serving among the unreached urban poor in downtown Thorold, Ontario. His book is a handbook for missional communities.
Empowering Change in Guatemala / Amalia's Hope
Through Convoy of Hope's program Amalia started a business that changed her life.
40 Years of Crossroads Cares!
2022 is an exciting year for Crossroads Cares, we are celebrating 40 years of making a difference through emergency aid and humanitarian work both here at home and around the world.
BLOG // 40 Years of Crossroads Cares // CHERYL WEBER
Cheryl Weber shares her heart on the work Crossroads Cares has been doing for 40 years with your support.
First Day of Lent - Ukraine-Pope Francis
Cheryl and Greg talk about Ukraine and the beginning of Lent and the Pope working for peace in that area.
Hope In One Of The Most Dangerous Places / RUTH HODGE
Ministry in Nigeria, one of the most dangerous places in the world.
Bringing Clean Water to Haiti / CROSSROADS CARES
Crossroads Cares is joining together with programs on the ground bringing clean water.
Obedience to God, Even in a Dangerous Situation / CHRIS AND LESLIE ROLLING
Chris and Leslie Rolling run are partners on the ground in Haiti and run "Clean Water for Haiti". Most of the water sources available to people in Haiti are contaminated, and because of poor infrastructure Haitian families have no choice but to use t
Haiti - Clean Water / CROSSROADS CARES
Crossroads has worked with Clean Water for Haiti for over 15 years to help install approximately 2,000 filters into homes. This is your help in action!
Michelle Porter grew up in a home with upheaval and disfunction, and it wasn't until much later in her life that she accepted Christ…she met her husband at Bible college and later they founded Souls Harbour Rescue Missions.
Empowering Change in Guatemala / Chicken Farm
Through Convoy of Hope's training program we share how one family's life was changed through a business raising chickens.
Samaritans Purse on the Ground in British Columbia / TAMMY SUITOR
Tammy Suitor is the Canadian Disaster Response Manager for Samaritans Purse. Today she joins us to share what they are doing on the ground in British Columbia in the aftermath of the flooding that has happened there.
Trapped in the BC Flooding / ALLISON MCCONNELL
Allison McConnell has lost everything as a result of the flooding in British Columbia. She, her husband, and 4 year old son were rescued from the window of their motor home by a search and rescue boat. Allison shares her experience with Cheryl Weber.
Faith in Action after British Columbia Flood / PASTOR KYLE NICHOLS
Pastor Kyle Nichols is Lead Pastor at Princeton Baptist Church in Princeton, British Columbia. Princeton Baptist runs the only foodbank in their town, and also a firewood ministry. Princeton has been overwhelmed with need after the flooding as well
Empowering Change in Guatemala / Impact Stories
A group of women share the impact the Convoy of Hope programs have had on their lives.
Serving the People of Afghanistan / JOHN WEAVER
Before 9/11, God sent John to live in the danger zone of Afghanistan to serve the war-torn Afghans who had been displaced by the al-Qaeda and Taliban led civil war.
God Called Him to Serve His Country / EDWARD GRAHAM
Edward graduated from the United States Military Academy where he went on to serve 16 years in the US Army.
Investing in Girls and Women in Guatemala / Dr. Mirna Taracena
Cheryl Weber speaks with Dr. Mirna Taracena who is the National Director, Guatemala for Convoy of Hope.
Pandemic and Drought Impact on Mully Children's Family
Pandemic and Drought Impact on Mully Children's Family
The Mully Family Needs Your Support
We have been partnering with Mully Children's Family for many years but they have never needed our support more, they are in crisis due to the combination of the pandemic and now a drought. They are running out of food and need your support.
Praying for Haiti / Kidnapping of 17 Missionaries
We join together to pray for Haiti after the recent news of the kidnapping of 17 missionaries there.
Impacting Those in Need "One by One" / BECKY MURRAY
Becky Murray is someone who sees needs and responds. Whether it's street children in Pakistan, orphans in Kenya or girls at risk of human trafficking across the world, she is there, when these kids need someone the most; someone who is an extension o
Mully Children's Family Needs Your Help
Mully Children's Family has been rescuing kids off of Kenya's streets for more than 10 years. This is the story of Margaret - who was not only rescued herself, but was instrumental in helping 6 others.
Your Help Has Never Been Needed More / NDONDO MULLI
We have partnered with the Mully Children's Family for 19 years through Crossroads Cares, and there has never been a time in history when our help is more needed. Ndondo Mulli joins us to share the huge need due to the loss they have faced through th
Hidden Rewards of Clean Water
In this report we cover the hidden rewards of clean water in Uganda.
A Story of Obedience and Faith / MOIRA BROWN
Former host Moira Brown shares how she got her start at 100 Huntley Street. She also shares one of the most impactful stories she has shared through Steve Saint.
Crossroads Cares for Haiti / HAITI RELIEF EFFORTS
On Sunday August 14, 2021, Haiti experienced a 7.2 magnitude earthquake 150 kms south-east of Port au Prince. There are now over 2000 deaths and many more injured. Thousands of homes, churches, schools and hospitals have been damaged or destroyed. H
Haiti Earthquake Relief
On Sunday August 14, 2021, Haiti experienced a 7.2 magnitude earthquake 150 kms south-east of Port au Prince. As of Monday morning, over 1,200 deaths have been reported and more than 5,700 people injured.
The Life of Huldah Buntain / HOT TOPIC
Mark and Greg share some memories and tributes to the life of Huldah Buntain, known world wide for her life of missionary work in India.
Clean Water for Haiti / CHRIS & LESLIE ROLLING
Chris & Leslie Rolling of Clean Water for Haiti join Cheryl Weber to talk about their important work which supports Haitian families. Crossroads has worked with Clean Water for Haiti to help install approximately 2,000 bio-sand filters into homes.
Crossroads Relief & Development has been working with a ministry (Leket Israel) that helps alleviate hunger through a food rescue program. Please consider supporting our efforts so we can continue to bless people in Israel.
Crossroads Relief & Development has been working with a ministry (Leket Israel) that helps alleviate hunger through a food rescue program. Please consider supporting our efforts so we can continue to bless people in Israel.
St. Catharines Convenience Store Gives Back
Mark Masri and Lara Watson share an uplifting story about how a St. Catharines convenience store gave back to the community by helping those living in poverty.
Niagara Dream Centre is a faith based, non-profit organization that finds and fills the needs of individuals and families in the Niagara region.