Topic: Mentoring
Holocaust Survivor Continues Teaching Piano Throughout COVID-19 Pandemic
Mark Masri and Cheryl Weber share a story about a 92 year old Holocaust survivor, Dr. Cornelia Vertenstein, who has been teaching piano for 50 years and refused to quit in the face of the pandemic.
Kids Off The Block / DIANE LATIKER
"What can I do?" That was the question Diane Latiker asked of herself as she watched the teens in her Chicago neighbourhood succumb at an alarming rate to gangs and gun violence.
Bessie Hicks and Madeline Carroll talk about the importance of women empowering each other and the need for mentorship in our lives.
Michael Chiasson - Founder of Access Ministries sits down for an interview with Rob Melnichuk.
Connection Between the Mind and the Heart / DR. CRAIG EVANS
Carey Nieuwhof Speaks with scholar and author Dr. Craig Evans about making the connection between the heart and the mind.
How David Has Impacted Many Young People
A group of people share how David Mainse impacted them.
How David Has Impacted Many Ministries
A group of people share how David Mainse impacted their individual ministries.
Impact of 100 Huntley Street
People share the impact 100 Huntley Street and David Mainse have had on their lives.
How David Has Impacted My Life / Magdalene John
Magdalene John shares how David Mainse has impacted her life and so many others.
A Life Impacted through Crossroads Relief and Development
Mbithi shares his story of rescue and rehabilitation after the Mully Children's Family changed his life.
Be You. Do Good
Jonathan David Golden shares how he found a way to turn coffee into a mission in Rwanda.
Overcoming Crisis
Bob VandePol speaks about facing crisis and how we can overcome.
Guiding Your Teens Through the Culture They Face
Through her speaking and seminars, Marianne Deeks equips parents, youth workers, and youth themselves with practical methods and tools to approach and handle the challenging issues they each face.
Creating Legacy Moments
Shelly Calcagno and Joy Eggerichs share a few creative ideas to help you as you influence and invest in the younger generation around you!
A Chat with American Idol mentor Scott Borchetta
Judith Little speaks with Scott Borchetta - American Idol Mentor
Words of Wisdom from a Father to a Son
John Eldredge and his son Sam, have written the book "Killing Lions" together. This book was born out of a series of weekly phone calls between Sam and John where they talked about pursuing beauty, dealing with money, getting married, chasing dreams,
Someone to Follow
I think a lot about who is following me, and the example that I set but I don't often think about who I am following.
K-Love Backstage Pass with TobyMac
K-Love Fan Award winner for best live show, Tobymac shares how his family is playing a huge role in his most recent album and the words of wisdom he provides to artists he mentors such as Jamie Grace.
Each One Find One - Everyone Can be a Coach
With no coaches, the team falls apart. That's not a great future for anyone. Let's work together and keep building a strong "team" by our influence that will create influencers.
Each One Find One - Spark
A spark has the potential to grow into an amazing roaring fire that can be an all-consuming life changer. The younger generation has gifts and passions in them that need to be ignited.
Camp Impacts Youth and Creates Leaders
From being a camper herself, then into the leadership training program and eventually a staffer, Katherine Brown's camp experience taught her how to be a leader and impact others through her relationship with Christ.
Say "Yes" to the Next Generation
Wow. What a statement. What a goal to live by. I think often it's easy to be comfortable with what we know. What we believe. What we have been taught. Those things become absolutes in our life, and sometimes we don't make room for change.
God Uses and Redeems It All
Life Coach Punky Tolson holds that the season of her life where she had to undergo intensive treatments for breast cancer was one of the most precious. She encourages other women facing struggles of any kind to hold steadfast to God, where they will
Each One Find One - Let People In
Shelly Calcagno tells a personal story about how her "Mom friend" mentored her in a way to allow confidence to grow.
Passing the Torch
The Importance of Youth Mentoring Youth
Mom, How Do I Get a Mentor?
Recognizing the importance of mentorship. Student's need adults in their lives who speak truth, show interest and have a positive influence.
Impacting Our Future
Crossroads interns share what they're learned from their recent experience
Our Father - the Prodigal Son Returns
Phil Kershaw discusses mentorship and the number one issue facing society today.
Equipping the Next Generation
Ron Mainse speaks with Melissa McEachern about the Internship program at Crossroads Ministry, where young people gets to have a hands-on experience and explore their strengths.
September 3, 2013
Featured: Will Graham - grandson of evangelist Billy Graham, and David Ingram - Director of Ministry for Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada.
Battling Pride as a Student Leader
Andrew Noble was the President of the Student Union at the University of Waterloo. Here Noble talks with Don Simmonds about being a young leader and staying true to his faith in University through cha
20 Something
The interns in the Equipping4Excellence program share their experiences and future prospects on a segment they created called 20Something. They discuss the importance of Networking and keeping with th
7 Men and the Secrets of Their Greatness
New York Times Best-Selling Author & Speaker Eric Metaxas tells the story of 7 men who have changed the world for the better.
A Father's Toolkit
The Honorable Gregory W. Slayton-American Professor, Diplomat, Author, Businessman & Philanthropist-Author Book: "Be A Better Dad Today"
The Importance Of Mentoring -- Sean McDowell
Sean McDowell talks about the importance of mentoring in transforming young peoples lives. Sean McDowell Author, Speaker Book: "The Unshakable Truth" To Get Your Copy:
Josh McDowell: Having Hope In Our Heavenly Father -- 4/10
Jim Cantelon talks to Josh McDowell about the book he wrote with his son Sean, "The Unshakable Truth" and shares about the rough relationship he had with his earthly father but the hope he found with
Honestly - Really Living What We Say We Believe
Johnnie Moore tells his personal crisis of faith when his world was falling apart. Today he is the Campus Pastor, VP - Liberty University, VA Book --"Honestly-- Really Living What We Say We Believe"
Honestly - Really Living What We Say We Believe Part 2
Johnnie Moore tells his personal crisis of faith when his world was falling apart. Today he is the Campus Pastor, VP - Liberty University, VA Book --"Honestly-- Really Living What We Say We Believe"
Equipping for Excellence Crossroads Intern Program
The interns talk wth Moira Brown about their time at Crossroads and their recent trip to the National Prayer Breakfast in Ottawa. Judith also has a report on the activities surrounding the prayer brea
Mel and Susan are National Directors of Nation at Prayer. Their guest today is Steve Holmes who is a Business Leader-Chair of the Board -- Tyndale University College & Seminary. Today's theme is Praye