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The Chosen Christmas Special / DALLAS JENKINS AND PHIL WICKHAM
The special includes a new episode, "THE MESSENGERS" which shows the birth of Christ through the eyes of Mary and Joseph and features actors from The Chosen series. The event also includes musical performances of Christmas favorites by Christian arti
What the Future Holds for Crossroads / REV. KEVIN SHEPHERD
Rev. Kevin Shepherd shares his vision and excitement for the future of Crossroads.
How Do We Figure Out Who We Really Are? / ASHLEY ABERCROMBIE
A great amount of the choices we make and the reactions we have to people and circumstances are the result of who we have been shaped to be.
A Digital Journey in Prayer / DIGITAL PASTOR JUNIOR SMITH
Crossroads digital pastor Junior Smith discusses what we do on the prayer lines and beyond the prayer lines through connection digitally.
Help! I work with people / CHAD VEACH
Pastor Chad Veach uses modern research and biblical principles to encourage you to lean into your leadership potential regardless of your level of influence or experience.
Junior Smith / #JESUSSTRONG
Maggie John welcomes Crossroads Digital Pastor Junior Smith to talk about his mission within the ministry.
Giving People With Disabilities a Voice
Maggie John and Kevin Pauls share how 100 Huntley Street provides a platform for people living with disabilities to share their experiences.
How Can We Be More Inclusive of the Disabled?
3.8 million working age Canadians self-identify as "disabled". That works out to 13.7 % of our population. Although there is far more awareness of those living in our community with a disability, there is still a long way to go.
What Makes Us Distinctly Canadian / GREG THE QUIRKY CAMERA GUY
Greg the Quirky Camera Guy takes to the streets of Ottawa to ask, what makes us distinctly Canadian?
Huntley Hope | June 13, 2017
Today on Huntley Hope, the rise of the occult in media.
Ins Choi is the creator of the popular TV comedy show Kim's Convenience.
Let’s Be Real / Natasha Bure
Her mother is Full House star and former co-host of The View Candice Cameron Bure. Her father is Russian hockey player Pavel Bure nicknamed 'The Russian Rocket' for his speed. You have to know Natasha Bure's life would be anything but normal but she
A Special Thank You from Crossroads C.E.O. Lorna Dueck
Lorna Dueck shares a special message to thank those who helped us reach a very important goal.
Bridging the Gap to Millennials / LOUIE GIGLIO
Louie Giglio is pastor of Passion City Church in Atlanta and today he shares on how we can help bridge the gap in how we connect to millennial's.
The Passing of Journalist and Broadcaster Betty Kennedy
Betty Kennedy was a well known face and one of the best journalists in Canadian history. She was a pioneer in her craft. She has passed away at 91.
Continue Viewing 100 Huntley Street on National Television by Helping Fund Airtime
Lorna Dueck is on a mission to expand two very specific things, the transformational content that reveals the message of Jesus and the broadcast system that actually delivers this good news to your home.
Pursuing God in Eastern Religions
Mike Shreve shares his journey pursuing God through Eastern Religions and finding the truth through the power of the Cross and the Uniqueness of Jesus.
CEO Lorna Dueck Shares the Power of TV in Our Post-Truth Time
CEO Lorna Dueck shares a special message and need.
Must Watch List this Easter on PUREFLIX Canada
PUREFLIX Canada is now available on a device near you! With over 3500 faith and family titles, there is something for everyone and you can start with a free 1 month subscription at
Mark Masri Nominated for a Juno Award
Mark Masri has been performing for over 15 years and has now been nominated for a Juno Award for his album "Beating Heart" in the category of Adult Contemporary Album of the Year.
Faith in the Spotlight / Inside Edition's Megan Alexander
Cheryl Weber speaks with Megan Alexander of Inside Edition about her book, "Faith in the Spotlight: Thriving in your Career While Staying True To Your Beliefs".
Bestselling Author Paul Young talks The Shack Film
Kevin Pauls speaks with Paul Young about his bestseller "The Shack" and its recent big screen debut.
2017 Oscar Nominations / HOT TOPIC
Kevin shares his predictions for the 2017 Oscars.
Are You a Netflix Cheater?
Magdalene John and Kevin Pauls talk about Netflix cheating.
Church on Campus / LIFT Church
Robin Wallar is lead pastor of Lift Church, which is a church on campus. He talks about church planting and his hopes to go across Canada with his initiative.
Who Will Win at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards
Grammy Nominations are out for the 59th Annual Grammy Awards. We take a look at the Gospel and Christian categories. Don't forget to tune in to the Grammys Sunday February 12th to see who the winners are.
The Value of Family Friendly Programming / Ted Baehr
Dr. Ted Baehr is Founder and Publisher of MOVIEGUIDE® and noted Critic, Educator, Lecturer & Media Pundit. He shares about the 25th Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala taking place on Friday, Feb. 10 at the Universal Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. He al
Comedian Leland Klassen Moves Into a New Genre
Leland Klassen is a Comedian, Performer. He shares about his career and his recent career move into film and into the drama genre. He also shares about the ups and downs of the comedy world and the temptations many people face in the entertainment in
The New England Patriots Take the Superbowl
Cheryl Weber, Magdalene John, and Kevin Pauls talk about their feelings about Superbowl LI.
Bringing Change to Sexually Trafficked Women
Sally Peter is Founder of Patched Social Enterprise.
More Than Just Great Dancing / Misty Lown
Lorna Dueck speaks with Misty Lown about giving back to the community through dance.
Could You Give Up Your Smartphone for a Week?
Cheryl Weber and Mike Sherbino talk about a group of teenagers who agreed to give up their phones for a week and what resulted from it.
Is the Stage Set for the End of the World?
The Stage Is Set carefully illuminates the signs of the times that point toward Christ's glorious appearing and millennial reign, answering questions you have about the identity of the antichrist, the future of Israel, the location of Armageddon, and
Most Anticipated Faith Based Films of 2017
Magdalene John and Mike Sherbino discuss some of the exciting faith based films coming out this year.
A Christmas Gift from Pure Flix Canada
Carlo Espejo shares the new video on demand platform coming to Canada this December 25th!
The Encounter starring Bruce Marchiano only on PURE FLIX!
One of the awesome new shows offered on Pure Flix Canada is "The Encounter" starring Bruce Marchiano and we speak with him today!
Pure Flix an Amazing Video On Demand Platform
Carlo Espejo talks the new Video on Demand Platform Pure Flix.
Pure Flix is Coming to Canada December 25th!
Pure Flix Canada is coming December 25th! With over 35 hundred faith and family titles, start your holidays with a guilt free binge.
The Way We Shop is Changing
Joe Amaral and Magdalene John talk about how times are changing when it comes to the way we shop.
The Cutest New Model
Magdalene John shares the story of a sweet little boy who was turned down by a modelling agency before his story went viral on social media.