Topic: Maturity
Gen 2 Gen Millennial Interview / GARETH INKSTER
Lorna Dueck sits down with Gareth Inkster for a generation to generation talk.
Modeling Good Communication to our Children
Andrew Blackwood, Individual, Couple & Family Coach speaks explains how we can teach our children to be good communicators.
Come Spring
It's time for things to come alive for us all. For renewed life and renewed purpose. In the beautiful world outside us, but also in our hearts and the parts of us that run deep.
A New Story
Everyone has a story, but what does yours consist of? Shelly reflects on refocusing our stories onto what really matters/
How Do You Measure Your Spiritual Growth?
Mark Buchanan-Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology at Ambrose Seminary in Calgary Book: "Spiritual Rhythm" Book: "Your Church is too Safe"
Achieving a Closer Walk
Jim Cantelon sits down with Craig Macartney and uncovers his passion and maturity in Christ.
Questions to Ask Before You Marry
Jim Cantelon speaks with Clayton and Charie King about the questions we need to ask before we get married. Clayton and Charie King Founder & President of Crossroads Worldwide, NC Book: "12 Question