Topic: Justice / Fairness
Trinity Western University
It was a case that had a lot of people in the Education community gripped. Trinity Western University a Christian institution has been seeking accreditation in all provinces for the future graduates of their proposed law school but they were faced wi
Are We Simply In Love with the Idea of Changing the World? / EUGENE CHO
Author and pastor Eugene Cho asked a thought-provoking question of whether we are just in love with the idea of changing the world instead of taking real measures to do so.
Be You. Do Good
Jonathan David Golden shares how he found a way to turn coffee into a mission in Rwanda.
Slow Kingdom Coming / KENT ANNAN
Kent Annan is a writer, speaker and codirector of Haiti Partners. Kent has just released a new book "Slow Kingdom Coming", that will guide and strengthen you on this journey to persevere until God's kingdom comes on earth as it is in heaven.
Your Donation is Helping Trafficked Children in Cambodia
Cheryl Weber brings us an update on Christopher Neil's case and how Crossroads played a role in bringing him to justice.
Canadian Christian Humanitarian Organizations Working in Cambodia Reveal a Hope-Filled Story as Christopher Neil Awaits His Sentence For Sex Crimes
Ratanak International and Crossroads Relief and Development share an untold story in response to the sentencing hearing of the notorious child sexual predator.
Why Not?
Moira Brown's husband, Richard Brown, has a challenging question out of Africa!
University Graduate Denied of a Job Due to Religious Beliefs
100 Huntley Street Reporter Magdalene John brings us an update on the case of Bethany Paquette - a recent graduate from Trinity Western University who got rejected in her job application and "attacked" on her faith in God.
California School Accused of 'Purging' Christian Books
Libraries in Springs Charter Schools in Temecula, California have been instructed to remove all books with a Christian message, authored by Christians, or published by a Christian publishing company.
Francis Chan: 2 Scariest Lies in Our World Right Now
Francis Chan teaches about the sinful condition of mankind, and God's willingness to punish sin in spite of His love for us.
Joyce Meyer - How to Forgive and Let Go of Your Past
Bible teacher and New York Times best selling author Joyce Meyer shows us the biblical and Godly way to move past your pain and hurts.
Riding for Peace and Justice Across Canada
Daniel Pigeon is riding across Canada to raise awareness for the refugee situation in Western Sahara and to advocate for a peaceful and just solution to the present challenges.
SHIYR Poets - "On This Troubled Day"
SHIYR Poets performing "On This Troubled Day", a song that is based on Psalm 10.
Sheila Walsh on Unforgiveness
Bible teacher, author and speaker Sheila Walsh has personally struggled with unforgiveness after being hurt by a fellow Christian. The Lord taught her how to bring both the debt and the debtor to Him.
The Bible: A Forerunner for Equality
Dr. Tony Campolo
Settle it and Be Blessed
Moira sits down with Tom Gehring, has been a trial lawyer for over 30 years dealing in intense trial and litigation work, both state and federal court throughout the US. He has devoted his career to m
'Ride for Refuge' Recruiters
Crossroads Relief and Development producer, Cheryl Weber, spreads the word with fellow recruiters about the upcoming event - Ride for Refuge. To sign up or sponsor, go to
Movie Brings Real Issues of Human Trafficking
Moira Brown speaks with Dr. Joseph D'Souza about the new movie project "Not Today" - sharing the real issues of Human Trafficking in India. Joseph D'Souza-Author of "On the Side of the Angels," Intern
Using Your Platform to Advocate Justice
Nazanin Afshin-Jam was crowned Miss World Canada, in 2003. She is a strong human rights activist helping women in Iran.
Finding Justice At The G20 Summit
Produced By: Denise Lodde In the aftermath of the G20 summits many question whether the costs involved are worth it, given the security required and the violent protests. For one Christian advocacy g
"Somebody Cares" Theresa Malila #1 1/2
Theresa Malila is Founder/ Executive Director, "Somebody Cares" Tribal Chief from Malawi
To Be Perfectly Honest #14 - Truth To Go
# 14- Lust
Miracle on Hope Hill-- Carol Kent 1/2
Miracle on Hope Hill is available at the Crossroads E-Store! Carol Kent is an Author / Speaker Her Book - "Miracle on Hope Hill" is about the amazing ways that God has
Miracle on Hope Hill-- Carol Kent 2/2
Her Book - "Miracle on Hope Hill" is about the amazing ways that God has worked in the lives of ordinary people. This book encourages readers to pay attention to the "God Moments" in their everyday
Restorative Justice #2
Shawn Verhey Prison Chaplain, HMYOI Thorn Cross Shawn is the Co-ordinating chaplain - HMP Thorn Cross. Over the past 4 years of his time at HMP Thorn Cross Young Offenders prison, young people have
The Tale of Two Nazanins
Moira Brown got a chance to talk to Nazanin Mackay at the National Prayer Breakfast in Ottawa recently. A determined human-rights activist, a runner up for the title of Miss World, a bright light on P
What Is Real Beauty?
Moira Brown speaks with Miss World Canada about the definition of real beauty and what she is doing with her title to bring justice to girls around the world. Tara Teng-Miss World Canada 2012, Miss C
Confront Evil, Pursue Justice & Love Mercy
The Resolution For Men #5 - Resolve to Confront Evil, Pursue Justice and to Love Mercy. The Resolution for Men was born out of the movie Courageous. The book challenges men of all ages to become as
Karen People of Burma
Report: Karen People - of Burma Producer: Bridget Antwi Over 2000 Karen people have been accepted into Canada since 2006. This is a profile of two Karen people, looking at their life in Burma and th