Topic: Humility / Humbleness
July 30 / 100 WORDS
Today's reading with David Mainse is from Mark 7, and Mark 7:20 is the key verse.
June 19 / 100 WORDS
Today's reading with David Mainse is from Matthew 19-20, and Matthew 20:27-28 is the key verse.
Choose Your Attitude: Choose to be Humble
When you work very hard on a project and it succeeds, do you attribute the OUTCOME to YOUR efforts or the grace of God?
Rev. Billy Graham’s Homecoming / TRIBUTE TO BILLY GRAHAM
Dr. Leighton Ford, President of Leighton Ford Ministries, joined us from Charlotte, North Carolina to give us some insider view on what to expect for Rev. Billy Graham's homecoming.
Robbie Symons / LOVE & MARRIAGE PART 4
In this teaching of love and marriage, Pastor Robbie Symons teaches out of Colossians 3:12.
Woman Held Captive In Basement Finds Forgiveness Through a Song Heard on Radio
Mike Weaver of contemporary Christian band, Big Daddy Weave, shares his amazement of how God using his testimony to help others.
Humility / KARL FAASE
Lorna Dueck speaks with Karl Faase about the importance of humility in Leadership.
How We Can Find The Beauty In The Breaking / ANN VOSKAMP
Shelly Calcagno chats with author Ann Voskamp on how you can live the abundant life.
Are We Simply In Love with the Idea of Changing the World? / EUGENE CHO
Author and pastor Eugene Cho asked a thought-provoking question of whether we are just in love with the idea of changing the world instead of taking real measures to do so.
Experiencing Gods Amazing Grace
John Hull shares about the amazing moment when we experience Gods grace and how we can share that grace.
Humility / STRONGER
Clayton King said in his book "Stronger" that no one gets an exemption, but we do get a companion. There will be hard times in life, but we are not alone - God is with us.
Chris Tomlin Confesses His Desire to Work with Garth Brooks
Exclusive backstage pass interview with Chris Tomlin at the K-LOVE Fan Awards 2014!
Holding on Loosely
If he is holding me tight, then I have to trust that he cares about what is in my hands. And if I trust him, I can release those things that I really care about and that are really important to me and I still know that he is in ultimate control of ev
Kirk Cameron - "I am a Recovering Atheist"
Kirk Cameron is an actor/producer best known from his role as Mike Seaver in the 1980's show "Growing Pains". Kirk shares his personal testimony as a "recovering atheist".
Splinter Moves - Your Attitude
Moves that will remind you that your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus!
Up Close and Personal with Shane Claiborne
Melinda Estabrooks with Crossroads 360 gets personal (and uncomfortable) with activist, author and founding member of The Simple Way ( Shane Claiborne and yes, even gets him to ju
First Miracle - Why Did Jesus Turn Water into Wine?
Gregg Matte is a Pastor and author of "Finding God's Will". Here he tackles the question 'Why did Jesus turn water into wine?'
F.A.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D. - T is for True Moral Compass &True Humility
The Honorable Gregory W. Slayton Author, Professor, Diplomat, Businessman & Philanthropist. Book, "Be A Better Dad Today" 10 powerful, practical tools to help men be better fathers and husbands
Stay In Touch - Deep Beauty
Ron talks about self worth, beauty, how we see ourselves as people, and how God sees us.
To Be Perfectly Honest #2 - Truth To Go
#2 Turning 50! Phil Callaway is an Author/ Speaker/ Humourist Book, "To Be Perfectly Honest" is the offer of the month!
To Be Perfectly Honest #17 - Truth To Go
#17 Whine Country Phil Callaway is an Author/ Speaker/ Humourist Book, "To Be Perfectly Honest"
To Be Perfectly Honest # 19 - Truth To Go
Grace Phil Callaway is an Author/ Speaker/ Humourist
To Be Perfectly Honest #20 - Truth To Go
Confession Phil Callaway is an Author/ Speaker/ Humourist Book, "To Be Perfectly Honest" Find out what happens when Phil Callaway excepted the challenge "to be perfect honest" for an entire year
Journey To The Extreme - Karl Hargestam
Ron Mainse speaks with Karl Hargestam, President of Joshua Campaign International about his book "Journey Into The Extreme" based on a calling on his life to go into remote areas of Africa.
Stay In Touch - God Coming Near
God Coming Near