Topic: Holy Spirit
August 13 / 100 WORDS
Today's reading with David Mainse is from Exodus 8, and Exodus 8:13a is the key verse.
August 4 / 100 WORDS
Today's reading with David Mainse is from Mark 12, and Mark 12:24 is the key verse.
July 26 / 100 WORDS
Today's reading with David Mainse is from Mark 3, and Mark 3:35 is the key verse.
June 27 / 100 WORDS
Today's reading with David Mainse is from Genesis 1-2, and Genesis 1:27 is the key verse.
Holy Week - Crucifixion / REV. KEVIN SHEPHERD
Crossroads YESTV CEO Rev. Kevin Shepherd continues this week's teachings on Holy Week.
Healing Prayer Rally / FIRST PEOPLES VOICES
Crystal Lavallee shares info about a Prayer Rally planned for the weekend of June 20-21 2021.
I Surrender - A Mothers Day Story / SARAH MARRITT
Sarah shares the story of her baby's birth that didn't quite go the way the family had planned. Sarah tells us about a wonderful song that helped her trust that all would be fine.
Mental Health during COVID - Cheryl Weber with Digital Pastor Junior Smith
Crossroads Digital Pastor talks with Cheryl about helping give people hope during this difficult season in the pandemic.
Robbie Symons teaches from 3 Romans 21 (and others) in part 4 of Remembering the Reformation, explaining the historical significance of the Reformation to the faith community.
To Walk By The Spirit / PART 1
‘But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.' (Galatians 5:17 ESV) Let's study what Paul meant using the phrase ‘walk by the Spirit.' Then next week, we will discuss and apply the second part of this ve
No Fads, Shortcuts or Temporary Transformations
Where ever you are on your fitness journey, please join me today in re-committing to the process. This is not just about external results, but permanent, lasting change that comes from the inside out.
Difficult Times in Marriage
Best-selling author Gary Thomas states that difficult times in marriage can be beneficial to our faith walk because it teaches us to rely on the Holy Spirit.
Dealing With Difficult Times In Marriage
Gary Thomas on how difficulty in marriage can actually strengthen our relationship with God.
Be Refreshed by God's Spirit at Empowered 21 Global Congress 2015
Ossie Mills, Executive VP for University Advancement at ORU, stopped by to speak with Ron Mainse about Empowered 21 - a global network of relationship, focused on resourcing the spirit-empowered community.
Empowered 21 Canada Presents a Pentecost Sunday Celebration June 8, 2014
Empowered 21 Canada Presents a Pentecost Sunday Celebration June 8, 2014, a unified expression to "help shape the future of the Spirit-empowered movement throughout Canada"
Empowered by the Spirit in the 21st Century
Empowered21 Canada is a unique, history making movement, which will assist in focusing select Spirit-filled, Christian leaders, Next Gen voices and Leading Scholars who will be representative of voices from across Canada on the future of Spirit-empow
The Misunderstood Blessing…
When we hear the word "meek", negative connotations like "shy", "spineless" or "weak" comes to mind. Yet, as Ann Mainse points out, there is Power in Meekness.
Empowered 21 Canada 2014
Join the Pentecost 2014 Experience on June 8, hosted by Empowered 21 Canada. The one-hour webcast will be available right here on Crossroads360!
Ministries of the Holy Spirit
Steven K Scott tells us why Jesus said so much about the Father and yet so little about the Holy Spirit, while identifying 11 ministries of the Holy Spirit, such as spiritual birth.
A Study Bible that Helps In Your Christian Walk
Dr. David Jeremiah introduces his new study bible that contains 40 years of his own teachings and revelations.
Obedience to God's Voice Saves Woman From Dying
Listen and obey to the still small Voice, and watch what miracles God can work through your obedience!
Bedhead Devo: Mark 7, All I Want
There are a lot of things we casually say about being a Christian that are very hard to live out. Today is about taking steps from where we are toward where we want to be. Today's Reading: Mark 7 To
Why is There No Joy?
Crossroads360 is answering viewer questions on spiritual warfare. Is lack of joy from the enemy? We need the fullness of the spirit.
How Important is the Holy Spirit?
Why is the Holy Spirit overlooked in average churches? Crossroads360 answers your questions on spiritual warfare.
What is the Antidote to Stopping Spiritual Attacks?
Hank Hanegraaf talks about the role of the Holy Spirit and discipleship in spiritual warfare.
Is Knowing the Holy Spirit Key to Victory?
Dr Jerry Johnston answers viewer questions about spiritual warfare.
Three Gods in One: What is the Trinity?
Hank Hanegraaf, author of 'The Bible Answer Book' talks about the trinity and what Christians believe.
Clean & Unclean - Holiness Explained
Pastor and author Mark Buchanan explains what the bible means when it talks about clean and unclean. Find out what it means to carry the infectious power of God.
Eternity: Where Do We Go From Here? - Heaven
We all like to think that when we die there is only one place we will go, and that's Heaven- described in the Bible as a place filled with joy and delight. But there are so many things we still don't
The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived
Moira Brown interviews Steven Scott about his latest book on 100 Huntley Street.
Overcoming Insecurity #3 - The Holy Spirit and God's Unconditional Love
Sarah Tun talks about the Holy Spirit and God's unconditional love. Sarah Tun-Author, Speaker. Book: Free to Be
Granddaughter of E. Stanley Jones - Part 2
Jim Cantelon interviews Anne Mathews - Younes, the Granddaughter of E. Stanley Jones and VP of United Christian Ashram. E. Stanley Jones was a 20th-century Methodist Christian missionary and theologia
Granddaughter of E. Stanley Jones - Part 1
Jim Cantelon interviews Anne Mathews - Younes, the Granddaughter of E. Stanley Jones and VP of United Christian Ashram. E. Stanley Jones was a 20th-century Methodist Christian missionary and theologia
Up In Heaven
Heaven Is For Real #3 - Truth To Go; Todd Burpo is an Author, Pastor and Dad with an incredible story of his then 4 year old son Colton's account of going to Heaven. Colton survived emergency surgery
The Vicar of Baghdad - Miracles & Loving Your Enemies
Canon Andrew White is known as "The Vicar of Baghdad." He's Pastor, at St George's Church - Baghdad, Iraq. Canon Andrew White has an extraordinary ministry of reconciliation and conflict mediation in
Miracles Are For Real #16 - Truth To Go
How God Speaks To Us James Garlow is the Pastor - Skyline Church, CA His book "Miracles Are For Real" is available in our estore
Why Be Holy? Social Responsibility
"Why Be Holy?" Meet the Allain family --they all volunteer in their own way because their faith guides them too --proud parents who have raised their 2 kids (11 and 13 years old) to give back and help
WHY BE HOLY? Being Holy
Magdalene John brings us a series of reports on Being Holy.
Why Be Holy?
What was the impetus behind this Holy Week "Why Be Holy" series? Jim and Moira sat down with Maggie to find out.
11 Ministries of the Holy Spirit
Steven K. Scott is an Entrepreneur and Best-selling Author of The Greatest Words Ever Spoken. He invites us to discover the amazing things Jesus said about the Holy Spirit.