Topic: Alcoholism
Brody Haight / MY STORY
In grade school, Brody Haight began to smoke Marijuana, which during his high school years, led to an addiction to alcohol and heavy drugs. This is his story.
Finding Hope at a Gas Station / BILLY & JODIE BALLENGER
Billy & Jodie Ballenger have a story that reads like a movie script. For years they lived lives tormented by their own painful upbringings and destructive choices but there is SO MUCH hope in their lives today.
Pastor Martin Naistus / FIRST PEOPLES VOICES
We're praying for Pastor Martin Naistus of Onion Creek First Nation who shared his story of transformation with us. He is currently facing some health challenges.
Brian Arcand sits down for an interview with Maggie John and shares how the pressures of life drove him towards suicide, yet God had a different plan.
Alpha Canada / DORI FRIESEN
Dori Friesen shares her story of how God transformed her lifestyle from frequent clubbing and drinking to relationship with Jesus.
Chonda Pierce or "the country comic" as Billboard Magazine dubbed her, has been making audiences laugh for more than two decades with her winning combination of fierce wit and southern charm.
Overcoming Addiction / MICHELLE TITIAN
Powerhouse singer/songwriter Michelle Titian joins us to share her story of overcoming addiction.
Forced Paths, Ordered Steps / JEMAL DAMTAWE
Kidnapped at 15 and used as a child soldier, Jemal has seen a lot in his life. He turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain and eventually wound up on the streets involved in gang life. Homeless and desperate, Jemal went to Union Gospel Mission (U
Audrey Dillon grew up looking for love. She tried to find it in multiple relationships, leaving her empty. It wasn't until finding relationship with Christ, that Audrey felt whole.
Recovering from Alcoholism / NICOLE BRUCE
Nicole Bruce joins Greg Musselman to share about her battle with alcoholism and the divine intervention of Jesus that helped her to recover.
Rob Keeshig grew up on the reservation and was abused by a Priest. Rob became angry, bitter and hopeless, but 43 years later, had an encounter with God.
Cheryl Jones grew up in The Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation territory. After losing her father at 12 years of age, she ended up going down a dark path of drugs and alcohol in high school.
Sandra Waboose joined Maggie John to share how her life was transformed when she cried out to God to forgive her of her sins and change her life.
Knowing Your Worth in Christ / RUSS TAFF
Russ Taff joins Cheryl Weber to share about his abusive upbringing, his musical career and his battle with alcoholism.
Roger Lewis shares about his battle with alcoholism and the incredible work that God has done in his life.
Tough Times to Ministry and Music / TED LYNCH
Ted became an alcoholic at a very young age and after a tough time, he gave his heart to the Lord the last night before being released from a short stint in jail. Eventually Ted started a youth ministry and is now hoping to tour with his music again!
After years of alcohol abuse, George Bird remembers the day God took his cold heart and softened it with His love. This is George's story of transformation through Christ.
Stewart Cameron / #JESUSSTRONG
Stewart Cameron is part of our Crossroads Internship program this year...and shares how the experience has affected his life and how he's looking ahead!
Brothers, Curtis and Justin Hartshorn, share their experiences of wandering away from their faith and how God broke the chains in their lives, allowing them to follow Him in freedom ever since.
Moses Bird has overcome drugs, alcohol and suicidal thoughts to live God's dream. Today Moses is a Missions Pastor.
Not Getting Stuck in a Traumatic Childhood
Guy Beausoleil is a Chaplain & Ministry Director for Hope Centre in Barrie ON and Director for Dimas Fellowship. He shares his story of freedom from drugs & crime addiction through a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Leaving the Life of Alcohol and Depression
Pan Mushayandebvu woke up on the floor of a jail cell knowing he needed to turn his life around...
An Unhealthy Life Transformed
Pan Mushayandebvu shares his story of being delivered from alcohol, smoking and a life headed in a bad direction.
From Homelessness & Addiction to a Transformed Life
Sean Chace talks about his life living on the street addicted to drugs & alcohol and how his life was transformed through the kindness of some very special strangers.
Of Cows and Pastures - A Reflection
Moira Brown encounters Jesus as she quiets herself and rest in Him...
A Life-Changing Hope
Sean's world collapsed on itself, unable to break out of his addictions and the deep hurt in his heart. Until that day, when Jesus changed everything...
A Life Out of Control... Changed
Keith M. Robinson lives consumed by a mission to tell everyone everywhere about the good news that rescued and restored him. By the time Keith was 17 years old, his rap sheet included DUI, possession of narcotics and intent to distribute (that's drug
Coping with Infertility - Jennie Nadeau
For Jennie Nadeau it took hitting a personal rock bottom for a true surrender to Jesus. She & her husband were newly married, living successful, worldly lives. Several months into their marriage they found out due to health issues that having childre
Overcoming Alcoholism - Joseph Rojas
Abuse. Addiction. Suicide attempt. All of these things led up to the moment Joseph Rojas was in the back of the ambulance on the way to the hospital. That moment when Joseph met Jesus and his life changed forever. He is now the President and CEO of J
"Seventh Day Slumber" Frontman Reaches Troubled Youth Through Testimony
Abuse. Addiction. Suicide attempt. All of these things led up to the moment Joseph Rojas was in the back of the ambulance and met Jesus. He is now the founder of the band Seventh Day Slumber who are known for reaching hurting youth.
Jesus is with the Prodigals
Bible teacher Lorie Hartshorn testifies of the goodness and faithfulness of God through all the dark times in her family, particularly when her children walked away from God.
Infertility Challenged Her Identity, But God...
Several months into their marriage they found that having children would be difficult if even possible. Jennie turned to the world and began seeking any and every pleasure it offered, partying and having a whole other life.
Ashley Cleveland Overcomes with God's Love
Grammy-winning gospel singer Ashley Cleveland used to wonder: "Why would the God of the universe want anything to do with somebody like me?" Yet, He pursued her for a long time and never let her go.
Moving from Crime and Depression to Godly Wisdom
Matshona Dhiliwayo shares about how God supernaturally intervened into his life. Ever since Matshona accepted Christ, he started devouring the book of Proverbs and went on a journey for God's wisdom.
God Works Through Brokenness - Ashley Cleveland
Ashley Cleveland is a three-time Grammy and two-time Dove Award winner who is also the author of "Little Black Sheep" a story of the groundwork that paved the way to her faith. In her destructive days of drugs, alcohol, and sex, she encountered a for
God Can Transform Your Ashes into Beauty
Amy Corbin found herself spiraling into a life of alcohol & drugs as a means to escape reality. But on a memorable afternoon when she had contemplated ending her life, Amy found her life through a personal relationship with Jesus.
Helping the Homeless Through Hockey
Gary Scullion is the President and CEO of Hockey Helps the Homeless. The organization exists to help raise awareness about homelessness as well as helping the homeless to get back up on their feet.
Reconciling Fathers and Sons
Dave Morgan found an escape from his brokenness in a dark world of drugs and alcohol. But God had other plans for Dave. Today Dave is the director of a program called Stepping Up Young Fathers at Greater Vancouver Youth for Christ, working to encoura
Forgiving Her Alcoholic Mother
Julie Meyer, worship leader at Kansas City's International House of Prayer, talks about growing up with an alcoholic mother and how daily she needed to cry out to God to help her move past hate and bitterness, into love and forgiveness.
I'm Not Who I Was Anymore: Renee
Renee's feelings of worthlessness followed her throughout her childhood and teens. Turning to alcohol, life became out of her control.