Topic: Gratitude / Thankfulness
July 31 / 100 WORDS
Today's reading with David Mainse is from Mark 8, and Mark 8:6 is the key verse.
Mark Masri and Lara Watson share lessons they have learned in 2021.
From Brokenness to the Olympic Games / AKEEM HAYNES
Former Canadian Olympic athlete, Akeem Haynes has a burning desire to help people persevere past their toughest times. By helping you develop resiliency strategies that will allow you to breakthrough mental barriers which will lead you to your breakt
Valentine the Piano Man and Carlos Whittaker / HOT TOPIC
What a story! A wonderful thing musician Carlos Whittaker did to help Valentine who plays at the Atlanta airport. A life changing gift!
An Attitude of Gratitude / PASTOR TANIA MEIKLE
Pastor Tania Meikle joins us to speak about why it's so important to have an attitude of gratitude, reflecting on biblical principles from 1 Thessalonians 5:18.
What Positive Things Have Come Out of the COVID-19 Lockdown?
Greg the Quirky Camera Guy took to the streets to ask people what positive things they've seen as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown.
Gratitude - Luke 2 / JUNIOR SMITH
Crossroads Digital Pastor Junior Smith continues this week's teaching series with a focus today on Luke 2.
Happy Thanksgiving! / GREG THE QUIRKY CAMERA GUY
Greg the Quirky Camera guy talks about a new concept for Thanksgiving - focusing on the "You're Welcome."
Thanksgiving / JUNIOR SMITH
Junior Smith begins this week's teaching series on gratitude.
Testimony / MARCIA SMITH
In 1987, Marcia Smith and her mother were ambushed by her step-father while she was driving her mother to work. Today she shared her amazing testimony of God's healing power and His ability to transform a life.
Thank You For Your Support of Remote Northern Communities
We want to thank you for all of the support you've provided to help us bring hope to remote Northern Canadian communities.
Thanks from Steven Carleton!
Director of The Arctic Hope Project - Steven Carleton, shares his thanks for all of your support!
Nathan Rittenhouse is an itinerant speaker with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. In this teaching he talks about gratitude and joy during the holidays.
Hosts Cheryl Weber, Maggie John and Greg Musselman chat about the merits of the traditional Thanksgiving meal.
Happy Thanksgiving From Our Family To Yours!
The Crossroads Team shares a special message of thanks.
Thank You For Your Unfaltering Support
David Mainse extends his thanks to 100 Huntley Street viewers for their incredible support of this ministry over the past 40 years.
David Mainse Shares His Thanks
David Mainse expresses his gratitude for all of the cards and congratulatory messages on the 40th Anniversary of 100 Huntley Street.
Happy Thanksgiving from 100 Huntley Street
There is so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving so we asked some of our 100 Huntley Street team members what they are thankful for this year.
Thanksgiving DIY
Shelly Calcagno shares fun and exciting ways to make this year's Thanksgiving memorable for the whole family.
Thank You Canada!
We are truly excited and happy at the response and love we have been getting all across the beautiful nation of Canada. Thank you!
Happy Birthday David // JIM CANTELON
Jim Cantelon shares a birthday greeting for David Mainse.
Happy Birthday David // JOHN HULL
John Hull shares a birthday greeting for David Mainse.
Happy Birthday David // DAVID & RUTH ANN ONLEY
David and Ruth Ann Onley share a birthday greeting for David Mainse.
Happy Birthday David // NEV LARSON
Nev Larson shares a birthday greeting for David Mainse.
Happy Birthday David // BILL PRANKARD
Bill Prankard shares a birthday greeting for David Mainse.
Happy Birthday David // JENNY RUMANCIK
Jenny Rumancik shares a birthday greeting for David Mainse.
Happy Birthday David // JOSH MCDOWELL
Josh McDowell shares a birthday greeting for David Mainse.
Happy Birthday David // PHIL CALLAWAY
Phil Callaway shares a birthday greeting for David Mainse.
Be You. Do Good
Jonathan David Golden shares how he found a way to turn coffee into a mission in Rwanda.
Enough: Finding Hope by Living with Less / WILL DAVIS JR.
Will Davis Jr., the founding and senior pastor of Austin Christian Fellowship brings a new book titled "Enough". In it, he shows us the rewards of living with less in order to be more and do more with our lives.
On Location with Hawk Nelson - Diamonds
Johnny Rocket speaks with Hawk Nelson about changes, their new album and choosing joy and gratitude in all the things of life. They also share the story behind their song "Drops in the Ocean"
Joy Moments
Sometimes the moments are overwhelming. Sometimes the moments are exhausting. Sometimes the moments frustrate us and make us want to pull out our hair. But we can find joy in the moment if we take time to look.
Remembrance Day Reflections
100 Huntley Street Host Moira Brown reflects as Canada remembers and recognizes the faithful soldiers who have fought and served.
Praise Your Way to Victory / JOYCE MEYER
Bible teacher Joyce Meyer reminds us of the countless things that we should be thankful and praising God for.
Longing for Simplicity
It's challenging to hear his voice when there is so much noise. In the quiet of a simple life there can still be more.
Tame Your Kid's Tongue - "Thank You"
Parents must begin teaching this essential courtesy early on so that being thankful becomes a habit that follows their children throughout their entire lives.
David Mainse - International Individual Achievement Award
David Mainse, founder of Crossroads Christian Communications, received the Media Award for International Individual Achievement at the NRB 2014 International Christian Media Convention in Nashville, TN.
Making a Choice to Let Hope In
Pete Wilson, Senior Pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville, shares with us 4 unique choices that have the potential to change your life forever. Here, Pete talks about Choices #3 and #4.
The Love of the Giver
It's not about the presents under the tree at Christmas, but the love behind the gift that matters most.
Teaching Gratitude From A Early Age
Gratitude is not a natural concept for children; however, children as young as 18 months can learn this important skill.