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Wet'suwet'en Territory with Wanda Nikal / FIRST PEOPLES VOICES
"This story was filmed in Witset First Nation, which is part of the the Wet'suwet'en Territory. Their ancestors have lived in the regions for over 6,000 years. Their territory encompasses 22,000sq km of land.
Praying for the Leader of Canada
Greg Musselman leads in a prayer for the coming election and for the leaders.
The Honourable David C. Onley, former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and his wife Ruth Ann Onley join Lara Watson to share their rich history with 100 Huntley Street. They reflect back on some treasured memories of their visits through the years. Th
How Can We Be More Inclusive of the Disabled?
3.8 million working age Canadians self-identify as "disabled". That works out to 13.7 % of our population. Although there is far more awareness of those living in our community with a disability, there is still a long way to go.
Louisa Gillespie and her family were betrayed by the government for being promised a better future when being relocated to another province. She speaks with Cheryl Weber about her journey to forgiveness.
This Far By Faith / Canada 150 Prayer Rally
We invite you to join us at the Crossroads Center or online for our PRAYER RALLY as we kick start our Canada 150 celebrations with a 24-hour prayer rally.
Canadian wins Global Teacher Prize
Lorna Dueck and and Magdalene John speak about how the Global Teacher Prize was given to a Canadian teacher in Canada's North named Maggie MacDonnell.
Canada is #1 Tourist Destination for 2017
Canada has been listed as the #1 Tourist Destination for 2017 by the New York Times!
Is the Stage Set for the End of the World?
The Stage Is Set carefully illuminates the signs of the times that point toward Christ's glorious appearing and millennial reign, answering questions you have about the identity of the antichrist, the future of Israel, the location of Armageddon, and
Are We Doing Enough for Our Veterans?
Magdalene John and Mike Sherbino talk about the recent tragedy when a Canadian Veteran was involved in an apparent murder-suicide of himself and his family.
Praying for Our World
Joe Amaral and Magdalene John speak about the refugee crisis and what Canada is doing. The war continuing in Syria, and the release of Kevin Garrett.
The Passing of Elsie Wayne
Joe Amaral and Cheryl Weber share about the passing of MP Elsie Wayne
Christian Persecution Conference
Cheryl Weber talks about attending the Catholic Archdiocese Press Conference focused on Christian Persecution around the world.
Prayer Changes Things / Michael Cassidy
Lorna Dueck shares a past guest who is proof that praying for the world has the ability to change the world.
Inquiry into Missing Aboriginal Women
Cheryl Weber and Carey Nieuwhof speak to Lorna Dueck about the recent inquiry into missing Aboriginal women.
A Law School for Trinity Western University
Cheryl Weber brings us the story of the court battle to give Trinity Western University a law school.
Praying for Our World In Need
John Hull and Magdalene John speak about many recent news stories and why we as a faith community need to pray.
The Honourable David Onley and Ruth Ann Onley
John Hull sits down with The Honourable David Onley and his wife Ruth Ann Onley about his time as Lieutenant Governor and what he is doing now.
Hope for Liberia
The world was gripped by the Ebola crisis just a couple of years ago. The core was in Liberia. Zeela Zaizay was a first responder in that crisis.
Is It Genocide / JOHNNIE MOORE
Johnnie Moore has been fighting the battle of persecuted Christians South of the border and has helped organize the rescue of hundreds of persecuted Christians from the region. He has joined us to discuss these new developments.
Understanding the Headlines
Magdalene John and John Hull talk about updates in regards to Medically Assisted Death, and how both men on trial for the murder of Tim Bosma received a guilty verdict for first degree murder.
Update on Bill C-14 - Medically Assisted Death
We speak with Julia Beazley of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada about Bill C-14 regarding Medically Assisted Death.
In Depth Report on One of the Largest Interpol Manhunt
A story on the case of Christopher Neil and what is being done to combat sex and human trafficking in Cambodia.
The National Prayer Breakfast
Joe Amaral speaks with Bob Zimmer,MP and Chair of the 51st National Prayer Breakfast.
History Being Made in Cuba
Greg Musselman shares about the history being made in Cuba and what this means for religious freedom.
Are Muslims trying to bring Sharia Law to the West? / NABEEL QURESHI
Nabeel Qureshi answers the question, "Are Muslims trying to bring Sharia Law to the West?"
The Issue of Medically Assisted Suicide
Cheryl Weber and Magdalene John speak about the issue of medically assisted suicide.
Presidential Candidate Dr. Benson
Dr. Ben Carson talks about his childhood, facing his parents divorce, his struggle with anger and violence but how through reading the Bible he overcame that.
Dr. Brian C. Stiller delves into the region of the Middle East, encouraging us to keep the Middle East in our prayers.
Peacekeeping in the Middle East / CANON ANDREW WHITE
Canon Andrew White shares how his peacekeeping work started and shares stories from the front lines.
The Refugee Crisis and What is Being Done
Brian Stiller shares about the current refugee crisis and what is being done.
Hot Topic / China's One Child Policy
Carey Niewhof and Magdalene John talk about how China has dropped their one child policy and what that means.
Dealing with the Refugee Crisis
Johnnie Moore and Cheryl Weber talk about the refugee crisis and how we need to fast track the process for Christians facing this problem.
Voting is a Privilege That Not Everybody Has
Maria Shambare is a New Canadian Citizen from Zimbabwe. She shares the value in Democratic Voting and the privilege to vote.
Is Russia Fulfilling Prophecy in Syria?
What are the biblical implications of the current military alliance between Russia & Iran in Syria? Bestselling Author Joel Rosenberg explains in connection with end time prophecy.
Voting is a Privilege That Not Everybody Has
Maria Shambare is a New Canadian Citizen from Zimbabwe. She shares the value in Democratic Voting and the privilege to vote.
TheCRY - Prayer and Fasting for the Lord to Move
Faytene Grasseschi is here to share about TheCRY Montreal.
Make Your Vote Count in Canada's Upcoming Federal Election
Make Your Vote Count in Canada's Upcoming Federal Election
Matthew House - Support and Assistance for Refugees
Samia Tecle is Refugee and Advocacy Coordinator for Matthew House. Today they talk about how Matthew House is providing support & assistance for refugees.
50th Anniversary National Prayer Breakfast
The 50th anniversary of the National Prayer Breakfast