Topic: Friendship
A Special Gathering / GREG MUSSELMAN
Greg shares a special church service and meal he was a part of now that the world is opening up again.
Happy Birthday Mark Masri!
We wish a BIG Happy Birthday to the one and only Mark Masri!
Little Girl Learns Sign Language to Communicate With Delivery Driver
Cheryl Weber and Greg Musselman share a very heartwarming story coming out of the UK about a little girl who struck up a friendship with her local delivery driver, who is deaf, after she learned how to communicate with him in sign language.
Lorna Dueck sits down with Pastor Ken Shigematsu all this month! Today they chat about friendship.
Two best friends, 500 miles, one wheelchair, and the challenge of a lifetime.
Love Thy Neighbour...Really?!
Magdalene John & Mike Sherbino speak about the importance of loving your neighbours even when it may be difficult.
Could You Give Up Your Smartphone for a Week?
Cheryl Weber and Mike Sherbino talk about a group of teenagers who agreed to give up their phones for a week and what resulted from it.
Kevin Pauls and Friends perform "You've Got a Friend"
Words of Wisdom from Hazel McCallion
Hazel McCallion shares a birthday message and words of wisdom for David Mainse.
Ministering to the Muslim Women
JoAnn Doyle, Director of "Not Forgotten Women's Ministry", shares her heart about loving upon Muslim women - both at home and in the Middle East.
The Importance of Friendship
Sharing secrets. Laughing until it hurts. Hugging through tears. True friends are one of God's greatest gifts. In The Gift of Friendship, you'll find a collection of touching stories, be reminded that it takes a friend to be a friend, and gain new pe
Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages: Hang Out
Shaunti Feldhahn is a Best-Selling Author and Harvard-trained social researcher - she has written "Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages"
Be You. Do Good
Jonathan David Golden shares how he found a way to turn coffee into a mission in Rwanda.
The Amazing Power of Friendship, Fasting and Prayer
Suzanne Niles & Wendy Simpson Little share their book, "Fast Friends - The Amazing Power of Friendship, Fasting and Prayer"
How to Start Restoring Broken Relationships / DR. NEIL T. ANDERSON
Dr. Neil T. Anderson shares on how we can start to restore the broken relationships we have in our lives.
Discovering Your Life Words and Healing from Death Words
Rachel Crabb shares how friendships and honest conversations have helped bring healing from past hurtful words.
Conversations that Matter
Authentic Christian community is God's design. Yet it has been seriously compromised in our high tech, high speed culture. Moira Brown blogs about the importance of having "conversations that matter" from Rachael Crabb's new book, Listen In.
Engage! Warp-Drive Technology not Needed!
Romans 12:9-10 says "Don't just pretend to love others. Really love them…love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honouring each other." Humans need face-to-face contact as we need air and water! Community is God's design!
360 Podcast Ep 4: What is Crossroads360?
You've met the producers, but what is Crossroads360? Gary, Shauna, Amy, and Nicki are giving you a tour of with special guests Lysa TerKeurst, Paul Lafrance, Mark Buchanan, Colton Dixon and Tim Neufeld and the Glory Boys.
Circle Square ‘Family’ Reunion
Theirs were the faces that graced the Saturday morning television screens of homes across the nation: Martin, Aaron, Dani-Jane, Stacey and Janice. Cast members of Circle Square gathered for a reunion August 21, some 30 years after the show disbanded.
Tame Your Tongue - The Gossiping Tongue
Do you sometimes engage in idle, often malicious talk about the PERSONAL AFFAIRS of another? It's called Gossip. It can be such a delectable "choice morsel" that many do not have the strength to resist.
Motherhood, Matriarchs and Mayhem
Moira Brown had some colourful kitchen adventures early in her marriage, which was why she made a resolution that she would never bake. Yet, an intervention from a good friend changed it all.
The Secret Sauce: The Power of a Group
Pastor Rick Warren and Dr. Mark Hyman shares about the importance of partnership in changing your lifestyle. When there are people walking beside you, your chance of succeeding doubles! The power of a group of helping each other, getting healthy toge
A Dog's Best Friend
Moira Brown shares a touching story about two rescued dogs who had been scarred by life and how the power of friendship brought healing to one another.
3 Steps to Overcome Temptation with Rick Warren
Pastor Rick Warren gives us 3 simple steps to overcoming temptation that could help you break through an addiction, an attraction or a compulsion.
Importance of Sharing Life with Friends
Judy Brown, Moira's sister-in-law, sits down to discuss the importance of fellowshipping with those you love.
Rick Warren's Bestseller 'Daniel Plan' Seeks to Change Lives, Not Just Food Habits
Pastor Rick Warren spoke about his No. 1 New York Times bestseller, The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life, explaining that the book is not just about dieting, but is based on biblical principles and aimed at helping people make a difference.
Overcoming Insecurity #4 - Developing Healthy Friendships
Sarah Tun talks about overcoming insecurity and the importance of developing healthy relationships. Sarah Tun-Author, Speaker. Book: Free to Be
The Gift of Life - Liver Transplant Story
Moira Brown speaks with Blair Kitchen and Josev Biggar about their organ donation and transplant journey. Josev Biggar-Gave His Liver, Attends St. George??s Anglican Church Blair Kitchen-Liver Trans
Stay in Touch - A Friend For The Lonely
Ron says "Don't you like to be able to just think out loud with someone? just speak from your heart with a trusted friend, knowing he or she won't take it wrong, attack back, or use your words ag
My Lord & My God
Karen Louise Author "My Lord & My God" Available in the e-store
Equipping Interns for Excellence
Moira Brown welcomes some of our amazing interns from the Equipping for Excellence program. Safiya Airall-Mason, Nakita Chandoo and Ryan Snyder have just about wrapped up their sessions.
Stay in Touch - Divine Friendship In Our Loneliness
Divine Friendship In Our Loneliness - Ron Mainse - Stay In Touch
Where Does Hope Come From?
100 Huntley Street goes to the streets and asks, "Where does hope come from?"
MyVu Citizen Journalism Will Bring Faith Stories From Around The World
Ron & Ann Mainse talk to Melissa McEachern about the new initiative to have citizen journalists all around the world sharing faith stories that don't get told.
Sharing Faith By Listening
Moira Brown speaks with Eleanor Shepherd about how we can share faith more by listening to the people we come in contact with. Eleanor Shepherd Director of Philanthropy, Quebec and Atlantic Canada
Wisdom Walks
Jim Cantelon talks to our Truth To Go teachers for May, Dan Britton & Jimmy Page about their book "Wisdom Walks". Dan Britton Executive Vice President of Ministry Programs, Fellowship of Christian A
Wisdom Walks - Friends Will Make or Break You
Book: "Wisdom Walks" Friends Will Make You, Or Break You Dan Britton - Executive Vice President of Ministry Programs, Fellowship of Christian Athletes Jimmy Page - Vice President, Field Ministry:
Stay in Touch - Alone In The Crowd
Ron Mainse talks about loneliness and the value of friendship.
The Gift Of Life: Organ Donation
Produced By: Magdalene John ; Currently over 4000 Canadians are waiting for an organ transplant, last year alone 82 people died before receiving their life saving organ. Tammy Brophy could have easi