Topic: Addiction
Justin was raised in a church going family but in high school he became "Churchless" and was doing his 'own thing'. In his heart, Justin was feeling bitter about the church leadership & towards God. Within three months, Justin was a different person.
Brody Haight / MY STORY
In grade school, Brody Haight began to smoke Marijuana, which during his high school years, led to an addiction to alcohol and heavy drugs. This is his story.
Brooke and Lynn are recovering from Opioid addiction.
Finding Hope at a Gas Station / BILLY & JODIE BALLENGER
Billy & Jodie Ballenger have a story that reads like a movie script. For years they lived lives tormented by their own painful upbringings and destructive choices but there is SO MUCH hope in their lives today.
Maggie John with Daniel Lazazzera : RELIEVING THE PAIN: CANADA'S OPIOID CRISIS
Daniel Lazazzera gives a perspective after being addicted to opioids.
Maggie sits down with Jeff Walsh, Brantford firefighter, got many calls for opioid overdoses during this career. Tragically, Jeff lost a son to opioid addiction.
Gratitude for what God has done! / STEPHEN MCWHIRTER
Stephen McWhirter is a touring worship leader, producer, speaker and author whose powerful testimony of divine deliverance from addiction is incredible to hear!
Praying Through Every Emotion - Addiction / LINDA EVANS SHEPHERD
Author Linda Evans Shepherd joins Lara Watson to share from her book "Praying Through Every Emotion." Today they talk about praying through addiction.
Beauty for Ashes Transformation House / MAGGIE BARATTO
Beauty for Ashes Transformation House (BATH) is a residence for women exiting human trafficking, the sex trade and addiction. Their core mission is to empower women to experience peace and receive vision for a new beginning!
Empowered by Beauty for Ashes Transformation House / FAITH
Faith shares the impact that Beauty for Ashes Transformation House has had on her life.
Overcoming Addiction / ROCCO AGOSTINI
Rocco battled addiction but found himself at a Teen Challenge outreach (after being gifted tickets) and was impacted by a friend of his singing in the choir. He became a part of the Men's Centre and graduated the program.
Teen Challenge Sleepout
A report covering the Teen Challenge Sleepout to raise awareness and funds to fight addiction in Atlantic Canada.
Timothy was born and raised in Onion Lake First Nation Saskatchewan. Before meeting Jesus and choosing to make Him Lord of his life, Timothy was involved in gangs and suffered from drug addiction.
Overcoming Addiction / MICHELLE TITIAN
Powerhouse singer/songwriter Michelle Titian joins us to share her story of overcoming addiction.
A Transformed Life / EVELYNE DAY RUSH
Evelyne began drinking alcohol in her early teen years and eventually she became a drug addict and was rebellious towards those in authority. Today Evelyne shares her story of redemption and transformation.
Overcomer / BRODY HAIGHT
Lorna Dueck chats with Brody Haight who shares his story of overcoming.
A Dramatic Life Transformation / LIZ CURTIS-HIGGS
Liz Curtis-Higgs joined Cheryl Weber at Break Forth One to share candidly about her past struggles with a Cocaine addiction and how she is coping with her Cancer diagnosis.
Forced Paths, Ordered Steps / JEMAL DAMTAWE
Kidnapped at 15 and used as a child soldier, Jemal has seen a lot in his life. He turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain and eventually wound up on the streets involved in gang life. Homeless and desperate, Jemal went to Union Gospel Mission (U
Taanis Bellerose shares her incredible story of salvation in Christ after leading a life of abuse, prostitution and drugs.
Audrey Dillon grew up looking for love. She tried to find it in multiple relationships, leaving her empty. It wasn't until finding relationship with Christ, that Audrey felt whole.
Recovering from Alcoholism / NICOLE BRUCE
Nicole Bruce joins Greg Musselman to share about her battle with alcoholism and the divine intervention of Jesus that helped her to recover.
Breaking Free From Addiction / ADAM COEHOORN
Adam Coehoorn joined Greg Musselman to chat about how he broke free from the addiction in his life and how he is helping other men do the same.
Stewart Cameron / #JESUSSTRONG
Stewart Cameron is part of our Crossroads Internship program this year...and shares how the experience has affected his life and how he's looking ahead!
Brothers, Curtis and Justin Hartshorn, share their experiences of wandering away from their faith and how God broke the chains in their lives, allowing them to follow Him in freedom ever since.
Moses Bird has overcome drugs, alcohol and suicidal thoughts to live God's dream. Today Moses is a Missions Pastor.
Faith Through Daughter's Drug Addiction / JUDY TOMCZAK
Judy Tomczak joins Cheryl Weber to share her faith journey through her daughter's battle with addiction.
Testimony / TROY WALKER
14 year old Troy Walker did not expect to live past the age of 20 with the lifestyle he was living. Yet, God had a different plan for him. Here is his story.
Greg and Lorna speak with Dion Oxford and Dr. Harrison Mungal about the opioid addiction crisis.
Starting a Clean Slate With God / GEORGIALEE LANG
Georgialee Lang shares how she turned her life around after being sentenced to prison for possession of heroin and the success she has found working in the justice system.
Overcoming Drug Addiction & Walking in Faith / CINDY BULTEMA
Cindy Bultema, author of "Live Full, Walk Free" joins Maggie John in the studio today to share her story of overcoming a serious drug addiction.
Not Getting Stuck in a Traumatic Childhood
Guy Beausoleil is a Chaplain & Ministry Director for Hope Centre in Barrie ON and Director for Dimas Fellowship. He shares his story of freedom from drugs & crime addiction through a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Can You Break Social Media Addiction?
Cheryl Weber speaks about social media addiction and shares some tips to unplug for Lent.
Context with Lorna Dueck Facing the Opioid Crisis Tonight at 8PM on YesTV
Cheryl Weber and Mike Sherbino talks about the Opioid Crisis being the focus of the season premiere of Context with Lorna Dueck. Tonight at 8PM on YesTV
Context with Lorna Dueck / Opioid Crisis
Sheldon Neil is Host and Episode Producer on Context with Lorna Dueck. He shares about an upcoming episode of Context airing Wednesday, January 11 @ 8:00pm. The episode is going to focus on the opioid crisis that we are facing. They will talk to many
Drug Abuse - Opiods / HOT TOPIC
Joe and Cheryl discuss the rise of drug abuse, specifically the high use of Opiods.
Teen Challenge / TRACEY WHALEN
Teen Challenge graduate Tracey Whalen chats with Cheryl on how the Teen Challenge program helped her overcome her drug addiction.
Matt Romer's Testimony
Moira shares Matt Romer's testimony.
Transforming More Lives Through Your Support
Maggie Baratto, founder of The Beauty for Ashes Transformation Home, joins us to give us an update and the testimonies since we aired the Beauty for Ashes report a few months ago.
Caged No More
Trafficking for women and sex has become a worldwide phenomenon. Here at Crossroads' Relief and Development, we are working both near and far to combat this issue.
The Addict / LEE STROBEL
In his latest book "The Case for Grace", Lee Strobel crafts a compelling and highly personal experiential case for God, focusing on God's transforming work in the lives of men and women today. Writing with unusual candor, Lee draws upon his own journ